Our Story

We came together united by the desperate call for critical actions needed to be taken to tackle a climate emergency. There have been a lot of talks, but not that many walks and we, as a civilisation, are very much delayed in progress towards a sustainable climate resilient future.


We are all making part of a generation that has the First chance to observe unprecedented global advance of climate disruption. The fact is that things like despairing natural habitats, devastation made by floods, droughts, strong winds or wildfires, air pollution, diminishment of biodiversity and soil degradation, just to name few , never reached such a scale in the history of mankind. And if these adverse conditions were not enough, they are multiplied by their direct effect on our social, economic and cultural life-being. 


At the same time, we are the generation that has the Last chance to do something about it. If we will do nothing or even continue to be too slow, the game for us will be soon over. Ideas must be taken from paper or screen into the real world we can still breath in. This is the Chance for us to kick-start a new creative business and apply all tools and technologies that might empower us to take decisive actions. All of the ecosystem players, like governments, corporations, non-for-profits to the last citizen have their unquestionably important role in this final game of ours. 


We believe however that it is entrepreneurial spirit and drive that can be one of most efficient and effective amplifying forces behind radical transformative change that we are so desperately lagging at. It is our mission to take this chance and do what we can to help, assist or otherwise empower entrepreneurship in the most meaningful way creating not only financial value but mostly to create critical positive impact for the most precious thing we had and ever will have - a Chance for Us to live on Earth